Bitcoin to Hit Six Figures by Mid-2025: Pantera Capital Predicts

• Pantera Capital, a digital asset-focused investment firm with $3.5 billion in assets under management, has predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) will hit the six figure mark by mid-2025.
• The firm predicts that Bitcoin will reach $147,843 around August 13, 2025 and possibly reach $35,000 leading into the 2024 halving event when miners’ rewards are cut in half.
• This is similar to its prediction from last year.

Pantera Capital Doubles Down on Big Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2025

Digital assets-focused investment firm Pantera Capital has suggested that Bitcoin (BTC) could spark a parabolic bull run after the upcoming halving event in 2021 and potentially exceed six figures in mid-2025. The firm has $3.5 billion in assets under management and made this assessment in its latest blockchain letter.

Post Halving Rally Predictions

Pantera stated that according to historical trends, the price of Bitcoin should have troughed by December 30th 2022 and may experience a post halving rally averaging 480 days thereafter until it reaches its peak value for the next bull cycle. It predicted that BTC will reach $147,843 around August 13th of 2025 which is 480 days after the expected halving event on April 20th 2024.

Previous Price Impact Analysis

The 2016 halving decreased the supply of new Bitcoins only one third as much as the first halving but had exactly one third of the price impact nonetheless. Similarly, 2020’s halving reduced supply by 43% but had 23% as big an impact on price respectively. With most Bitcoins now in circulation each successive halving will be almost exactly half as big a reduction while Bitcoin may rise to about $35,000 before it and then possibly to $148,000 afterwards if history were to repeat itself according to Pantera’s analysis.

Current Market Conditions

At time of writing Bitcoin is trading at approximately 26102 USD down 0.1% in 24 hours since publication of this article which was sourced from Daily Hodl Staff dated 28th August 2023 .


Given its past performance and current market conditions it appears reasonable that history could repeat itself based on Pantera’s predictions given their track record however investors are advised to do their own research thoroughly before investing any amount into crypto currency or any other asset class for that matter .