Bitcoin Volatility Alert: Estimated Leverage Ratio Has Risen

• Bitcoin Estimated Leverage Ratio has recently risen, suggesting a potential increase in volatility for the asset.
• Open interest and estimated leverage ratio are two key metrics that measure how much leverage future market users are taking on average.
• High levels of leverage imply a higher risk of volatile moves, while low levels suggest reduced volatility.

Bitcoin Volatility: Estimated Leverage Ratio Has Risen

The recent surge in the Bitcoin estimated leverage ratio is an indication that the asset might experience some price volatility soon. The open interest metric and the estimated leverage ratio are two important indicators that tell us how much leverage future market users are taking on average.

Open Interest Measurement

The “open interest” is an indicator that measures the total amount of contracts that are currently open on the Bitcoin futures market. This metric accounts for both short and long contracts, giving us an idea about how much risk investors are willing to take on at any given time.

Estimated Leverage Ratio

The “estimated leverage ratio” is another relevant metric which measures the ratio between open interest and total amount of BTC sitting on derivative exchanges. When this value is high, it implies that investors have taken up a significant amount of leverage, suggesting increased price volatility in the near future. Conversely, when it’s low, it signals lower volatility as investors aren’t taking up too much risk right now.

Historical Precedent

Overleveraged markets have generally followed up with increased price volatility while low indicator values imply users aren’t taking on too much risk at all times – resulting in lower prices movements within assets like Bitcoin (BTC). This was recently demonstrated when BTC’s market calmed down after its sharp plunge earlier this month due to overheated futures markets creating more liquidation opportunities in these kind of scenarios.


To conclude, the rise in Bitcoin’s estimated leverage ratio could be signalling an upcoming period of higher asset value volatility for BTC and other cryptocurrency assets – as seen from its historical precedent. Thus investors should remain aware and cautious when trading or investing into such risky markets where liquidations can occur quickly due to huge amounts of borrowed money being used to speculate against asset prices in these kinds of markets