Ethereum Could Skyrocket: Proto-DankSharding & Privacy Enhancements

• Coin Bureau host Guy Turner is listing two catalysts that could potentially trigger a bullish run for Ethereum (ETH).
• The first catalyst is the proto-danksharding upgrade, which will allow Ethereum to reach a level of scalability that’s comparable with centralized computer systems.
• The second catalyst is an effort to enhance privacy on the Ethereum blockchain, driven by institutional investors.

Ethereum Price Could Explode Higher

Coin Bureau host Guy Turner believes that two upcoming milestones could send Ethereum’s (ETH) price higher. He states that proto-danskarding and enhancing privacy on the Ethereum blockchain are both potential catalysts for sending ETH prices up.

Proto-Danksharding Upgrade

The first milestone for ETH is the EIP-4844 upgrade, known as proto-danksharding. This upgrade will improve scalability by addressing data availability issues on the blockchain. It does this by making transaction data more readily available, resulting in lower fees and faster transactions on layer 2s.

Enhanced Privacy

In addition to proto-danskarding, Ethereum developers have been focusing heavily on privacy. Vitalik Buterin noted it as one of the “largest remaining challenges” in January, and he proposed stealth addresses as one solution. In May he noted it as one of three transitions necessary for Ethereum success – suggesting its importance to institutional investors who value privacy above all else.

Institutional Interest in ETH

The Shappella upgrade has increased institutional interest in ETH due to its focus on security and privacy – something these investors highly value when considering cryptocurrency investments. As such, these two upcoming milestones could be driving factors for future growth and bullish runs for ETH.


Ethereum may see a surge in price if these two upcoming milestones are successful – enhanced privacy from stealth addresses and improved scalability from danskharding upgrades. Institutional investors may be particularly interested in investing if these upgrades have positive results given their preference for secure investments with high levels of privacy .