RLB Soars 7850% YTD: Rollbit Launches Buy-and-Burn Feature

• Rollbit Coin (RLB) is experiencing a major parabolic surge after the co-founder revealed a revamped tokenomics system.
• RLB has surged 103% in the last week and 50% in the last 24 hours, outperforming other crypto assets.
• Rollbit’s new buy-and-burn feature will be taking portions of revenue to purchase and then destroy RLB tokens every day, aiming to strengthen its price.

Rollbit Coin (RLB) Goes Parabolic

Rollbit’s native token RLB is leading the digital asset markets as it breaks another all-time high. The crypto gambling platform’s utility token started 2023 at $0.002, and is now trading at $0.159 – a 7850% gain year to date.

Revamped Tokenomics System Revealed

On Tuesday, the project’s co-founder “Lucky” announced that Rollbit would be changing the tokenomics for RLB by launching a new buy-and-burn feature that will take portions of revenue and use it to purchase and then destroy RLB tokens every day, theoretically helping to strengthen the token’s price. Lucky says that 10% of Rollbit’s Casino, 20% of its Sportsbook, and 30% of its 1000x Futures revenue will be used for RLB’s buy and burn initiative.

All-Time High Achieved

RLB hit an all-time high of $0.179 earlier today, and is currently sitting at a market cap of $518 million.

Unique Value Proposition

According to Lucky, combining Buy & Burn with Rollbit’s provenly successful business model should give RLB a unique value proposition to its holders: “We believe today’s update will go down in the Rollbit history books as the most significant feature we have ever released.”

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