Secure 24/7 Trading of Segregated Assets: OKX and Komainu Partner Up

• OKX and Komainu announce 24/7 secure trading of segregated assets under custody through the OKX platform.
• This partnership is a milestone in providing secure and compliant digital asset custody solutions.
• The collaboration allows investors to keep their assets secure while taking advantage of investment opportunities with OKX’s market-leading portfolio margin account mode and liquid markets.

Komainu & OKX Partner for Segregated Assets Under Custody

OKX – the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume – and regulated digital asset custody service provider Komainu today announced an important collaboration enabling institutional customers to conduct secure 24/7 trading of segregated assets under custody through the OKX platform.

Collateral Management Platform: Komainu Connect

Launched in April of 2023, Komainu Connect reduces client counterparty risk by removing the need to store collateral with trading counterparties, and offering the ability to keep assets in safe custody instead. Nicolas Bertrand, CEO at Komainu, commented on the milestone: “This strategic partnership marks a milestone in our mission to provide secure and compliant digital asset custody solutions.” Sebastian Widmann, head of strategy at Komainu added: “Komainu Connect is rapidly emerging as the leading collateral management solution.”

OKX’s Market-Leading Portfolio Margin Account Mode & Liquid Markets

Lennix Lai, global chief commercial officer at OKX said: “Institutions need the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are being kept safe with a leading custodian while retaining their ability to capitalize when investment opportunities arise… Partnering with one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges is a testament to the infrastructure and expertise committed to this service, and our focus remains on seamless execution for all parties.” The off-exchange settlement and tripartite mirroring solution enables large-scale institutional crypto traders immediate access to OKX’s portfolio margin account mode and liquid markets.

About Komainu

Komainu was established in 2018 to provide institutions with a secure and compliant custody service for investment in digital assets. Launched in June 2020, it currently custodies assets for exchanges, financial institutions, asset managers, corporations and government agencies.

About OKX

OKX is a world-leading Web 3.0 technology company dedicated to unlocking value from decentralized networks by building cutting edge products that make them accessible for everyone around the globe.