Voyager Shifts Millions in Ethereum to Coinbase: Report

• Embattled crypto lender Voyager is relocating millions of dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) to US-based digital asset exchange Coinbase.
• The series of Ethereum transfers was initially spotted by the blockchain-tracking platform Etherscan. Analytics firm Akrham confirmed that the Ethereum stacks were sent to various wallets controlled by Coinbase.
• Earlier this year, the US subsidiary of leading crypto exchange Binance was poised to acquire the assets of the bankrupt crypto lender to the tune of $1.3 billion, however Binance.US backed out due to regulatory uncertainties in the US.

Voyager Moves Millions in Ethereum to Coinbase

Voyager, an embattled crypto lender, has moved millions of dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) to US-based digital asset exchange Coinbase. This series of transactions was initially spotted by blockchain-tracking platform Etherscan and later confirmed by analytics firm Akrham as being sent from wallets controlled by Voyager into ones controlled by Coinbase.

Initial 500 ETH Transfer Worth Approximately $922,625

Etherscan’s data shows that a wallet controlled by Voyager began transferring its Ethereum troves on Friday with an initial 500 ETH transfer worth about $922,625 directed towards Coinbase. Hours later, another 1,000 ETH transfer worth approximately $1.84 million followed in a similar manner and then further 1,000 ETH transfers were made over Saturday and Sunday respectively with a total value of around $8.30 million when combined together – all directed towards different wallets associated with Coinbase.

Voyager Moves 7,000 ETH Worth $12 Million

In total, Voyager moved 7,000 ETH worth roughly $12 million from its wallets into those associated with Coinbase – potentially signalling an intent for these funds to be sold on open markets shortly afterwards given their destination point at an exchange platform like Coinbase itself.

Binance Was Initially Poised To Acquire Assets Of Bankrupt Crypto Lender

Earlier this year it had been reported that the US subsidiary of leading crypto exchange Binance had intended to acquire the assets belonging to this bankrupt crypto lender up until a sum total amounting to some $1.3 billion – only for them back away from such a decision citing regulatory uncertainty as their reason for doing so within America itself at least according to reports circulating at that time anyway..


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